Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dragon Rider

Yeah, that guy would probably be pretty chilly up there. But, as everyone knows, that's how you have to play it to find the best dragons.

I've been looking at a lot of Kekai Kotaki recently...

There's an upcoming small works show at LITM that I was thinking to submit this to, in the form of a little giclee print.


JAY said...

Yeah, I was totally gonna call you on the Kekai-ness of this piece. It's pretty cool none the less though.... and yes, dragons loooove those man nips!

I like kekai's work, but I kinda feel like his approach to color(100% due to his process) leaves a bit to be desired. You should totally giclee this then go back into it with oils. Do some glazing and hit some highlights all thomas kinkaid style. :P

... serious though, it could be cool.

Frank said...

Wow, I love this image.

I love the use of color and the impact and use of red. Beautiful!

-Frank DeLise