Monday, November 9, 2009

Apologies to Mr. Sendak... Pt. 2

I worked up that Max sketch from before; here he is... I tried to make him half cute/half scary; not sure how well that comes across.

I really need to get a better monitor at home; things look good from here, but they'll sometimes be rather garish on a different screen. I guess that'll always be a peril of digital work. If anyone has any suggestions though, I'm game.

I have heard talk of Cintiqs becoming a new industry standard for concept work, but I'm still not sold on having one at home yet. Hopefully Wacom (or someone) will release an updated version within a year or so; that I could probably go for.

Cory Godbey, from Terrible Yellow Eyes, added this piece to his blog. Thanks for the honor!

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