Friday, May 13, 2011


I stopped by GCA last night to visit Scott Waddell, and I took the opportunity to sketch a bit while there. The model had an excellent peacock feather tattoo that spiraled down her arm; the drawing does it little justice. I sincerely enjoyed her haircut too.

Graphite / white watercolor pencil on recycled paper, mild digital tomfoolery.


JAY said...

Cool. I like the rendering of the face. I think you should crop it right below the boob though. Her hands are looking a little small.

spikytiger said...

I tweaked the hands; hopefully they feel better now. I'd have to recompose the background if I were to crop it, & I'm too lazy @ the moment... Probably better to more carefully consider the composition for the next one. Thanks for the feedback dude!

Cory Lewis said...

Hey man so I have loved cruising around your blog and portfolio work. I have been studying your value and color choices all morning. Your name popped up on my linked in and thought of introducing myself. I'm a freelance game artist in Central Jersey. Anyhow, nice to look through your work and hope to start a dialogue with you.

spikytiger said...

Hi Cory,
Thanks man! I'm about to leave on vacation (actually sitting in the airport now), but I'd love to chat when I'm back. I'll be home in a couple of weeks. Feel free to add me on linkedin too, if you're so inclined.