Friday, August 6, 2010

Homefront Concept Art

I recently got clearance from THQ | Kaos to begin showing a few (of the many) concepts that were done for Homefront. Let me whisk you away to a wonderful world of dispair!

So, just to provide a bit of context... We find ourselves in a near-future post-peak oil America, crumbling from within, invaded from without by the nefarious North Koreans. Antics ensue.


Jeremy Deveraturda said...

atmospheric and abit creepy.. good stuff. Homefront is on my games-to-watch list. my wallet is going to hurt a bit.

spikytiger said...

Thank you! It was a long (and at times arduous) production, but the team @ Kaos has done a hell of a job in pulling Homefront together. I look forward to seeing it hit stores as well!